At The Technology Edge, our pricing reflects our goal
to increase our customers profits by reducing their costs.
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The Technology Edge’s pricing structure is very simple...

We do not charge a per claim fee or use a menu list of fees based on different services. Our pricing structure is based on a small percentage of what is collected. This structure focuses our staff on making sure you are paid in full in a quick and error free manner.

If we do not collect then you do not pay us. What a great Return-on-Investment!

Also, there are no upfront costs. Our pricing is all-inclusive for all of our services!
• State of the art clinical office software with no usage fees.
• No support fees.
• No initial training fees.
• Fast and effective claims processing and follow up.
• Professional patient billing and collections.
• Patient inquiries.
• Effective and continuous communications with our clients.
• Outstanding customer service.