The Technology Edge provides a comprehensive solution
that will increase revenue and decrease paperwork for your staff.
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 Why the Technology Edge?
• We have 48 years experience in the billing and collections business.

• There are no upfront costs whatsoever for our practice management solution. We take care of the conversion of your existing patient data and the training of your staff on the use of the software all at no cost to you.

• Our solution includes both practice management and Electronic Medical Records software along with the services of our professional staff at a very affordable price.

• Our systems are continually updated with the most recent ICD-9 and CPT codes as they become available
so you can be assured your claims are processed accurately.

• The Technology Edge adheres to all HIPAA regulations.

• We provide numerous financial reports for your review.

• Your outstanding accounts receivables will be reviewed on a regular basis. Each open claim will be reviewed during this process and appropriate action taken to get the claim paid.
• The Technology Edge will review each claim prior to submission in an effort to insure you are receiving the
reimbursement in which you are entitled.

• The Technology Edge provides the best quality and professional service in the industry. We will value
our partnership with your practice and treat it with the respect it deserves.